Saturday, May 25, 2013

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I sing duets of both classics and contemporary top 40 with fellow Hollywood dreamers please bookmark my profile you can also download the Sing! app to follow me directly and make music with me...I only just started today but please save them to your computer because sometimes they get reported and deleted and I already lost my rendition of Air Supply's "All Out of Love" and Born To Be Wild. I recommend starting with the Aretha Franklin one. Thanks

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Bad News, For Mr. Bad Hat...." (working title)

My very first attempt as a playwright!!! A one-act character study in which I Ryan M. Dicks, director/actor, play all roles not miss this......

Plot: A very haunting dream-like state based reality.....The gritty aftermath of online politics...

Tagline: When a strange visitor arrives at your doorstep.....will you be there to accept the charges???

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's absolutely vital we swing the door WIDE open on just EXACTLY what happened on 9/11.....MY 9/11. Several members asked to the details of my banning and were largely ignored in that disgusting 33 page thread of badhat's self-fed delusion and narcissism....victimizing himself, convinced of some kind of twisted idea that members of the forum somehow actually do care about message board moderation and aren't just padding the thread for their own amusement because no one fucking cares and none of this fucking matters.......OK

These are the two exact posts that lead to my removal... --------> CLICK THIS

Directed at *female* member "tricky".....posted in a thread dedicated to her in which we're supposed to "compete for her love"...a piece of fucking wallpaper I've never interacted with. Only notice her for her incessant "hahahas" in every post, and yet I'm supposed to fall in line with the other drooling handicapped fucking horny idiots and kiss her fucking ass and pussy? Did I ever say that though? I've remained very reserved and reluctant in my approach to how I socialized with its members for my one and only week back. Most of my post humor indirect, rated PG, and very funny. If I antagonized you it did not come from a place of hostility but rather these 2 posts I take a deadpan approach to criticizing tricky for her toilet humor and bring into question her quality of living....even with my own lifestyle well publicized as something of a practical joke. These two posts are meant to be sarcastic, and on-topic as on the first page she asks the "guys" to take the attention off her (even though she LOVES it) and make "fart jokes" instead....

Destructofag, a major player in the east coast frat boy forum illuminati edits the posts to read "I'm awful" and "I'm never posting again", and bans my account. White-knighting tricky as they probably exchanged a fucking PM once and thinks she's his online girlfriend. I email badhat who says he's lifted the ban but there are to be no "personal attacks" and this is the last time he will be "going out on a limb for me"...5 minutes later he replies again to say "actually I just read what you wrote to tricky, go fuck yourself. we're done" and rebans the account. If this isn't the biggest fucking case of reverse-sexism.....what the fuck really is?? Had these posts been directed at any member of the male sex it'd have fucking floated right past him, and at no point was I going to reveal that it was oroku that was her previous roommate. This is some kind of discreet, under the rug smear campaign....pure n simple

And fuck myself, badhat? No...fuck YOU. You're off the deep end drowning in your own double fucking standards and have no right to paint me as an "asshole who can't behave" for two singled out posts that were meant purely as comedic. You then ignore me as I send you several subsequent emails throughout the day...scraping my knees on pavement groveling, making good points in each. This should not be what ruined my chances at a new beginning here you hardheaded piece of shit....admit you overreacted. Admit you are fucking wrong

You then make a self-indulgent thread about the fucking banality of forum administration. No one is taking you seriously....we're laughing at you!!!! You turn a thread into 33 pages over demodding some frat jock faggot who only posts in the football thread yet feels within grounds to pull stealth bans on whatever motherfucker he pleases?? For once you did the right thing...and after its all said and done, you reinstate that smug fuck head ingrate just the following day and THEN lock the thread??? You stupid motherfucker. You let the whole non-issue overshadow the REAL one, my fucking BANNING, and you don't even explicitly state what the fuck I did when asked. You're the biggest fucking hypocrite there was. You're an upstanding family man of strong moral fiber with life affirming passions and a reputable resume of professional lines of work, and yet you delude and degrade yourself into believing that administrating a forum that isn't even of your highest importance. That's fucking sick. I shit on you. UNBAN ME




for anyone that thinks those two cited posts weren't the reasoning for my banning...screengrabbed email from badhat....


I'm reading the ongoing hipinion thread....I'm glad that you like this but I won't be keeping it up so keeping me banned in hopes that I'll continue creating more forum outsider content is not in the works.....I just needed to get the hushed unwarranted ban off my chest....I'm reading what the biggest hater on the board has to say about it, Frank...stating as if it were fact that I wasn't banned for what's specifically written to me personally by badhat but rather, that I'm a threat to your community...will you please shut the fuck up ugly?? I'm not a threat to anyone's privacy on your forum....keeping me banned doesn't keep you any safer. I can still read the members forum. I can still utilize google. I don't have any interest in fucking with your personal lives because I don't care about anyone enjoyment of the forum is purely watching myself and how I integrate myself into each thread. This is all I was doing and if those that rate this shit up understand this please be more vocal in your support for an unbanning because I didn't do anything I wasn't supposed to...if a big deal was really to be made over those 2 posts badhat could have given me a warning rather than tell me after they were already written that it wasn't allowed and ban me. Knowing she had a roommate who I'm fuckin cool with on the forum is not a violation of her privacy. Fuck you bitch


hey why are you calling me insane I thought we were just having fun middle name, in fact


I didn't realize posts or videos like this could still be perceived as insane....I used to take specific angles and notes to prior work to try and fuel or bring that into question...this post and the accompanying vid are just meant to be lumped into my pure passion genre....this is pure performance art for the intellectual clearly have me confused for some other fuckin psychopath...I just post the best I can and keep faith that the special minority pays close attention to the details...I've left easter eggs all over the internet why are you punishing me for being an artist....I've never so much as even gotten a speeding ticket

Monday, May 31, 2010

dxm nourished tinychat...a robochat retrospective...

mere days ago my new love interest and i had decided that together her and i would spend a night bonding over a robotrip in which we get high and connect both spiritually and sexually. she mapped it out as it being only my first time..two 4oz bottles she says versus one as she says anything less just wasn't worth the trouble. in this video i document my roboconsumption while live on the phone wit my chick...much less sure of herself when the pressure is on as seen in this vid below..i on the other hand carry enough courage for the both of us..

i'd been in hipinion's tinychat for a couple hours previous to this without her and immediately jumped right in again offering her only my hand and a url to follow..hipinion being an unknown world and community to tesa as we had met online elsewhere to no previous knowledge or backstory to my forum. my dreaded and jaded ex shows up minutes later..leaves and comes back around the time my trip is just kicking in. holy lols who was my main target earlier in the afternoon had claimed to have a dinner reservation an hour or so into my trip but never ends up leaving and is there alongside me after several hours of my face to face owning of him. our first interaction since my bombshell post below. i remember as he says he was leaving becoming genuinely saddened as even when i became too fulkflked up to keep my stream of consciousness going i didn't want to lose his camfeed. i was focused on looking at him almost the entire night. i briefly touch on this experience and recap before i go to bed

i wake up this morning feeling empty..i'm sober now and realize last night will not be topped. if another tinychat hipinion is hosted an attempt at being replicated will possibly be made but most likely just reliving that night live as opposed to any fresh new content. i do another piece on this as i've collected my thoughts this afternoon and come up to about 12 minutes..too large a running time for youtube and host to vimeo as i attempt to walk us through last night and what made it so special to me..

i had forgotten to mention in this above vid that i am very proud of tesa for not taking jen's bait and hook as she's planted so many times previous...jen attempted to ring me through shit in pm's to her throughout the night and tesa brushed her jealousy and spite off with just a fat middle finger to all the haters...the men of hipinion were very receptive to tesa and i received several pm's congratulating me on landing such a cool and beautiful young girl..i like her so much. last night meant everything to me and completely embodied everything that is right and pure about the internet and exactly what drives me to owe my life to this..i will never forget this night. i concluded that i would like to take more drugs and interact via webcam with users in a group setting more often..would be open to offers of mailing me free drugs to fuel more tinychat highs for the future. thank you,,

edit; i've just become aware of an amazing website called "screentoaster" in which you can record what is on your screen including video and audio in realtime. this would have enabled me to record large portions of yesterday saving to a very small size file and perfect for uploading to youtube. i don't know that i'll always care to run one myself so please take the initiative..we've lost so much already. is the url and simply go to record. make sure "audio" is selected when recording and have it set to "desktop", choose the rectangular option as opposed to the full desktop screen and capture just the tinychat box for reference. when it's good rapidshare to me for uploading..thanks

edit; in recent development i have now overtaken hipinion tinychat under my own name and i'll be reg on here a lot..last night i slept on cam

prolly every night i'm gonna do this try and catch me on screengrab sleeping with my eyes wide open while i'm asleep i've been told i do this...every1 join n cam up peace

edit; night 2....

the only screen to surface in which we're actually asleep...i had to convince holy for a half hour last night to take off his shirt and finally come to bed...i then fight holy lols to go to fucking sleep for over an hour as he would not close his eyes ruining it for the rest of us tinysleepers plus not pm my girl and it crashed when i woke up just a few hours later and can't go back to sleep so i'm back on tiny again..excellent night on tinychat

edit; few more

holy and i having one of the most genuine bonding experience of our lives,,,


attn this morning nature called and proceeded to tug off on tinychat with nate enjoying this..


little evidence leftover of my 2nd tinychat dxm trip last night (found myself in the "black forest" 2/3 of my way there before turning the light back on in the room to find holy lols online)

wit rare gif of me going to go get water from dxm-dehydration,,


apparently crooklyn and jordan find eachother in random tinychats but are always banned for fighting..crooklyn lights up a j and jordan asks crooklyn why he always sees him in his rooms smokin alone and why he aint got no chick to smoke with..they argue til about 6am..crooklyn plays some boogie while he finish his spliff..rezod jumps on his office chair to dance and a wheel pops off falls straight down and makes a loud thud. jordan then convinces him to destroy the chair since it's already broke so rezoid proceeds to throw it around his living room before cutting the upholstery with a knife in my amazement



6/8/10 first tinychat jambliss sesh

some1 grabbed a small piece of the 35-40 min set

edit; i don't update this for shit anymore but tinychat is still poppin as of 7/6 lots of memories yesterday we did a shirtless session with our local tinychat security guard

Sunday, May 9, 2010

hipinion: who's bad enough to link this up

put a this vid

^^^everyone please embed this vid in threads where the op asks a stupid ass question,,,,,try to grab 1st reply for maxium effect...~ryan

Thursday, May 6, 2010

urgent formspring update

aight final edit: now officially taking formspring questions to youtube under alternative channel as permanent replacement to the unreliable tokbox. will also use this channel to host online video responses in general including any webcam based video that i decide to record and upload along the way. you will for example see more vids of me eating on this channel as its much easier to just click the webcam icon and i eat in front of the computer anyway as opposed to having to set up a camera for previous food-based efforts. spontaneity and the lack of effort of webcam based vids is sure to make this a unique and exciting alternative channel..please subscribe...



as most of you are aware by now the party has moved from blogspot to formspring..what was originally intended for blogspot commenters to keep in touch as an alternative to comment moderation has blossomed into something unexpected and beautiful..these days it's all about formspring..shit seems like it always popping off on formspring. no questions "offlimits" or "politically incorrect"..on my formspring users ask whatever's on their mind and get the answers they want in their rawest a very strict no pandering/no bullshit approach on this formspring...if you think i'm afraid to "go there" you're on the wrong formspring. i've answered 200+ questions to date so there's a nice amount of informitive reading here if you need catching up..did you ever wish there was a thread for you to bookmark for you to habitually check for updates on the newest things i'm talking about online??? there's now a formspring for this. enjoying formspring's interface as intended but decided to take it to the next level in which i take a written question and respond not in text but in video via "tokbox"..

this is highly inventive as i am officially the first to do this. i briefly played around with this idea through twitter a couple months back but tokbox for formspring seems like the much more appropriate fit. by doing this i have singlehandedly put formspring on the my knowledge formspring did not exist before i opened my own account a few weeks ago. i will continue to answer questions traditionally depending on whether i believe to be able to answer more appropriately or specifically in text depending the question. i have a sense for unconstrained online syntax that needs to be exercised..on the other hand i feel obligation to put myself before the camera to present an answer to a question as if you sat across from me asking me one in real life. i need the practice, socially. grandma's in-house proximity will also factor in over deciding ultimately to respond between text and are in for some great answers along the way and again that's check it out ask some questions and who knows yours could be answered next....~ryan


and for those of you that don't care to read and watch literally everything i do online my favorite exchange of the day hands down..

re: my formspring wallpaper:

we got some heavy holy baiting in this one as well (also the reply to "what kind of shampoo do you use" for those interested in holy lols????)

Friday, April 30, 2010

loser about to be banned from 2 boards by the time i wake up

this will only appeal to you if you appreciate a good story about forums and not who its about. a few entries below i've quietly put it down on a fag named tgodd spanning over 150++ comments over the last 7 days. i've known tgodd online for like 7 years..came up together on the old underground hiphop forum that i disassocated from years ago that he continues to frequent. i left to hipinion in 06..he followed me as a fan but only began to post late last year. this concludes our online history..

a few days ago an old vid of mine known best as the "my threads are doing iron man numbers" vid went viral a year after it's original upload to the internet. it apparently generated attention at 4chan, then pulling in a thread at sa/fyad, and soon many places elsewhere. a mere search of "my threads are doing iron man numbers" via google even without the quotes will now yield many results. my original upload was pulled from youtube but a loyal follower dl'd and re-up'd shortly thereafter, only now gaining widespread online attention and treated as a current event. it did about 50k views from the first few days it was picked up. the re-up has now also been pulled, 4chan threads gone..

tgodd informs me of this fyad thread about me and my vid after it had reached about 5 pages in this comment box previously referenced. fyad is a pay only forum where you must purchase an account for 10 dollars to view and/or post. i want to see what online users are saying about me and tell him to screenshot the thread which he does individually, post by post. he spends 50 minutes doing this, not including upload time to megaupload. i clown his fuckin ass to a severe point which derails into a fyad vs hpn faceoff in which he proclaims fyad is the best forum, hipinion is not a good forum, but by the same token believes that he is also well received and respected on the hipinion forum and believes others perceive him to be something of a "best new boarder"..hipinion user traced out reads this comment section apparently takes this personally and carries it to the forum to call for the ban of user "big gay baby"/tgodd as the sa reject that he is. meanwhile the fyad thread now has legs as discussion has veered away from me/my vid to tgodd, username "clean steve" who has been exposed for screenshotting their entire thread, his only defense being that he's "known me for years", following a response by an anonymous user, "and he still made fun of you"..tgodd/clean steve's paid for account is thereby banned. tgodd/"big gay baby" meanwhile at hipinion destined to share a similar fate by the time our admins wake up for work. tgodd will now have been banned by 2 msg boards he cares about..only left to run back to my comment box where it all started (link below) where left to go from here on this actual blogspot but to the underground hiphop forum i deemed no longer fit to post on 4 years ago, where this entry will then be linked and thereby putting a fuck on him at every which angle. will most likely clean this entry up tomorrow for archiving purposes..i personally love this post. pre-st vincent/chill wave/ben&jerry/chipotle/bebe zeva shit like this right here was what it was all about..vintage post status. put a screenshot on tonight's cap of the comment box from when he logged in to sulk until he logged off..felt like a victory lap as you can clearly feel my sense of celebration in each reply..good night (start from like 80 comments down when I start to tell him to suck my dick and write things like that)

edit: woke up,..can the mod who banned big gay baby please clearly state so in a post so i can screenshot it for this entry i got other shit to do