Monday, May 31, 2010

dxm nourished tinychat...a robochat retrospective...

mere days ago my new love interest and i had decided that together her and i would spend a night bonding over a robotrip in which we get high and connect both spiritually and sexually. she mapped it out as it being only my first time..two 4oz bottles she says versus one as she says anything less just wasn't worth the trouble. in this video i document my roboconsumption while live on the phone wit my chick...much less sure of herself when the pressure is on as seen in this vid below..i on the other hand carry enough courage for the both of us..

i'd been in hipinion's tinychat for a couple hours previous to this without her and immediately jumped right in again offering her only my hand and a url to follow..hipinion being an unknown world and community to tesa as we had met online elsewhere to no previous knowledge or backstory to my forum. my dreaded and jaded ex shows up minutes later..leaves and comes back around the time my trip is just kicking in. holy lols who was my main target earlier in the afternoon had claimed to have a dinner reservation an hour or so into my trip but never ends up leaving and is there alongside me after several hours of my face to face owning of him. our first interaction since my bombshell post below. i remember as he says he was leaving becoming genuinely saddened as even when i became too fulkflked up to keep my stream of consciousness going i didn't want to lose his camfeed. i was focused on looking at him almost the entire night. i briefly touch on this experience and recap before i go to bed

i wake up this morning feeling empty..i'm sober now and realize last night will not be topped. if another tinychat hipinion is hosted an attempt at being replicated will possibly be made but most likely just reliving that night live as opposed to any fresh new content. i do another piece on this as i've collected my thoughts this afternoon and come up to about 12 minutes..too large a running time for youtube and host to vimeo as i attempt to walk us through last night and what made it so special to me..

i had forgotten to mention in this above vid that i am very proud of tesa for not taking jen's bait and hook as she's planted so many times previous...jen attempted to ring me through shit in pm's to her throughout the night and tesa brushed her jealousy and spite off with just a fat middle finger to all the haters...the men of hipinion were very receptive to tesa and i received several pm's congratulating me on landing such a cool and beautiful young girl..i like her so much. last night meant everything to me and completely embodied everything that is right and pure about the internet and exactly what drives me to owe my life to this..i will never forget this night. i concluded that i would like to take more drugs and interact via webcam with users in a group setting more often..would be open to offers of mailing me free drugs to fuel more tinychat highs for the future. thank you,,

edit; i've just become aware of an amazing website called "screentoaster" in which you can record what is on your screen including video and audio in realtime. this would have enabled me to record large portions of yesterday saving to a very small size file and perfect for uploading to youtube. i don't know that i'll always care to run one myself so please take the initiative..we've lost so much already. is the url and simply go to record. make sure "audio" is selected when recording and have it set to "desktop", choose the rectangular option as opposed to the full desktop screen and capture just the tinychat box for reference. when it's good rapidshare to me for uploading..thanks

edit; in recent development i have now overtaken hipinion tinychat under my own name and i'll be reg on here a lot..last night i slept on cam

prolly every night i'm gonna do this try and catch me on screengrab sleeping with my eyes wide open while i'm asleep i've been told i do this...every1 join n cam up peace

edit; night 2....

the only screen to surface in which we're actually asleep...i had to convince holy for a half hour last night to take off his shirt and finally come to bed...i then fight holy lols to go to fucking sleep for over an hour as he would not close his eyes ruining it for the rest of us tinysleepers plus not pm my girl and it crashed when i woke up just a few hours later and can't go back to sleep so i'm back on tiny again..excellent night on tinychat

edit; few more

holy and i having one of the most genuine bonding experience of our lives,,,


attn this morning nature called and proceeded to tug off on tinychat with nate enjoying this..


little evidence leftover of my 2nd tinychat dxm trip last night (found myself in the "black forest" 2/3 of my way there before turning the light back on in the room to find holy lols online)

wit rare gif of me going to go get water from dxm-dehydration,,


apparently crooklyn and jordan find eachother in random tinychats but are always banned for fighting..crooklyn lights up a j and jordan asks crooklyn why he always sees him in his rooms smokin alone and why he aint got no chick to smoke with..they argue til about 6am..crooklyn plays some boogie while he finish his spliff..rezod jumps on his office chair to dance and a wheel pops off falls straight down and makes a loud thud. jordan then convinces him to destroy the chair since it's already broke so rezoid proceeds to throw it around his living room before cutting the upholstery with a knife in my amazement



6/8/10 first tinychat jambliss sesh

some1 grabbed a small piece of the 35-40 min set

edit; i don't update this for shit anymore but tinychat is still poppin as of 7/6 lots of memories yesterday we did a shirtless session with our local tinychat security guard


Anonymous said...

I was there, Ryan.
Best tinychat of all time, yo.
Shoutout to Nate and motherfucc Jennifer and Cud that fat piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

ryan, it was easily one of the best nights of my life. luv u bro.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see I made it on to your blog. That screen shot was great. -wyatt

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I was there last night.
I can honestly say that was the best internet experience I've ever had in my life.
Thank you.