Thursday, May 6, 2010

urgent formspring update

aight final edit: now officially taking formspring questions to youtube under alternative channel as permanent replacement to the unreliable tokbox. will also use this channel to host online video responses in general including any webcam based video that i decide to record and upload along the way. you will for example see more vids of me eating on this channel as its much easier to just click the webcam icon and i eat in front of the computer anyway as opposed to having to set up a camera for previous food-based efforts. spontaneity and the lack of effort of webcam based vids is sure to make this a unique and exciting alternative channel..please subscribe...



as most of you are aware by now the party has moved from blogspot to formspring..what was originally intended for blogspot commenters to keep in touch as an alternative to comment moderation has blossomed into something unexpected and beautiful..these days it's all about formspring..shit seems like it always popping off on formspring. no questions "offlimits" or "politically incorrect"..on my formspring users ask whatever's on their mind and get the answers they want in their rawest a very strict no pandering/no bullshit approach on this formspring...if you think i'm afraid to "go there" you're on the wrong formspring. i've answered 200+ questions to date so there's a nice amount of informitive reading here if you need catching up..did you ever wish there was a thread for you to bookmark for you to habitually check for updates on the newest things i'm talking about online??? there's now a formspring for this. enjoying formspring's interface as intended but decided to take it to the next level in which i take a written question and respond not in text but in video via "tokbox"..

this is highly inventive as i am officially the first to do this. i briefly played around with this idea through twitter a couple months back but tokbox for formspring seems like the much more appropriate fit. by doing this i have singlehandedly put formspring on the my knowledge formspring did not exist before i opened my own account a few weeks ago. i will continue to answer questions traditionally depending on whether i believe to be able to answer more appropriately or specifically in text depending the question. i have a sense for unconstrained online syntax that needs to be exercised..on the other hand i feel obligation to put myself before the camera to present an answer to a question as if you sat across from me asking me one in real life. i need the practice, socially. grandma's in-house proximity will also factor in over deciding ultimately to respond between text and are in for some great answers along the way and again that's check it out ask some questions and who knows yours could be answered next....~ryan


and for those of you that don't care to read and watch literally everything i do online my favorite exchange of the day hands down..

re: my formspring wallpaper:

we got some heavy holy baiting in this one as well (also the reply to "what kind of shampoo do you use" for those interested in holy lols????)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oroku spent a few days posting all his responses on hpn as youtube clips.

smh, once again trying to take credit for an oroku idea. get your shit together, dickstore.

jerkstore said...

i'm not gonna speak ill on oroku because he's a friend of mine and i wouldn't put it past oroku to be commenting anonymously because getting confrontational with a friend is not something anyone looks forward to but first of all dude i never saw that i don't read that fucking board as much as you wish i did number two i already did this a couple months ago on twitter predating anything oroku did now did i go over to oroku and call him a biter?? also you'd need to link me to some specific threads to see how he handled his because i can't personally think of a better format than in the way i've already perfected it and get the fuck off my case dude and go post my links instead of starting an argument with me i don't need that shit

RyanDicksBrother said...

I feel honored that my "retarded Jimmy Stewart" comment made front page, and is part of a new era for the Jerkstore web experience.

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